Nearly two weeks ago, I was feeling fairly smug because I'd just nailed the pronunciation of 'Zverev'. I'm sure an umpire out there was busy nailing that pronunciation, as he had to umpire a match involving a Mr Zverev, but his work was in vain as said Mr Z did not win one single game.

(Cue sympathetic noises)

So now I have managed to nail the pronunciation of 'Stakhovsky' (had to look up the spelling)...yeah, I'll let you know how many games he wins.

Addendum: I am a bit cross with Mr Stakhovsky, as he has just kindly sabotaged a world record attempt. I'm not happy about this, mainly because I like world record attempts. Grrr.

Still, he's doomed, because SOMETHING must get to him. The Curse. Something. Anything. Whatever.

I get in bad moods after world record attempt sabotage...